Hello everybody,

As I told to my Turkish readers, I’m thinking to open English version of Mihmandar. What do you think of that? Should I open? Do people need Mihmandar by English?

I dont know if people need it… But people need to be conscious, I’m sure of that… I dont want only to write English articles or poems for people who love literature, as example, I want to help the foreign people who became Muslim but dont have anybody whom will teach them about Islam. Maybe firstly we can start from here with foreign friends, and if we can have a population, then we can go on… What do you think?

Guys, people need us! And we should answer their calls!

Firstly we should read and learn, we can’t help other people without any knowledge. News are so important at that situation also. What do we know about Rwanda massacre or The Effects of Globalisation to the Family or Palestine or Afghanistan or Bosnia or other places or other people?

Do we know an international foundation which is called IHH?

As you see, people need us but firstly we need to read and learn…

So, should I open the English version of Mihmandar? :)))


Admin of Mihmandar
Ummu Hurayra

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